Alt-pop duo Laya Laya brings their spacey new single “Asteroid” back down to earth.

The brainchild of two second-generation British Indians songwriter Freya Zai and producer Super Joshi, Laya Laya has landed four tracks since its arrival in 2020.


Their fifth, “Asteroid”, keeps their interstellar tinged sound, with transcendent synths, a decisively pop beat, and floating vocals. Laya Laya has been gathering both press and radio recognition for their otherworldly sound, as well as ramping up thousands of Spotify streams.


On their latest track, Zai has said: “I liked the sound of the word ‘Asteroid’ and the idea of an asteroid hurtling around space. To me, it was similar to yearning for someone who is hard to pin down and always on the move, physically and emotionally. Although this scenario would be heart-wrenching in reality I kept the lyrics and vocals light, a little tongue in cheek, with a youthfulness about it.”


Stay tuned to hear more from this intergalactic duo, Laya Laya.

Listen to "Asteroid" below: