Modeste unmasks his vulnerability in tender new track, “Atmosphere”, out now.

Singer, songwriter, and producer Modeste may still be young at 23, but his years of honing his music and messages speak to a refined maturity. In his latest track, “Atmosphere”, the British-hailing artist brings to light mental health issues – an indisputably relevant topic right now. Atop lush piano melodies and through his velvety vocals, he uses his words to resonate with those going through a turbulent time. 


As he explains the track, “Atmosphere is about the emotion someone can feel when they are having an internal battle with their own mind.” Furthering on his own struggles, “I felt this personally at a tough time in my life. It’s me talking about losing my confidence in my teen years and regaining it later on. The feeling of being lost in the emotion itself.”


Having found his first passion for music in church, he began to teach himself to play the drums and the keyboard. His older sister Mckenzie Blaze, a singer and spoken word poet, provided inspiration for his first foray into a more serious musical career.


Today, his music could be likened to that of an early Labrinth, “Atmosphere” itself just a stone’s throw from some of the 2010s artist’s breakthrough songs. Combining further electronic elements with his smooth vocals, Modeste’s just starting to mark out his future with his most recent release. 

Stream "Atmosphere" below: