hundredmillionthousand shares his new full-length project ‘Attention Span’, following recent single “Seven”.

hundredmillionthousand is an emerging composer with Persian-Filipino descent. The man behind the moniker, Noel Fanaeian, is currently based in Canada, where he’s developed his industrial electronic sound. Made up of six edgy compositions, the release of ‘Attention Span’ sees him share his latest evolution as an artist.


Bouncing off the back of a European tour this autumn, Noel’s album title track “Attention Span” is accompanied by an eerie music video with captivating visuals enhanced by filmmaker Aaron Munson. As you make your way through the album, ‘Attention Span’ leads you through disjointed sounds, and occasionally whispered vocals. Creating an alluring atmosphere, the project truly is a bold piece of work, giving fans a closer insight into Noel’s eclectic and expansive sonic universe. 


Documenting dating in an age of technology lyrically, Noel explains his process of making the album and some of its themes: “I used the sounds of the most intimate and emotional human moments and computerised them into indistinguishable sounds and then made them into music. My intent was to comment and work through my own struggles with connecting in the digital age.In today’s day and age, there is no way to discuss the current state of human relationships and intimacy without acknowledging how technology has moulded how we interact with each other.”

Stream 'Attention Span’ in full below: