Listen to Austin Jay’s self-titled debut EP in all its frenetic pop-punk glory, out now.

With all the thrashing energy of your favourite 2000s pop-punk anthem blended with modern trap, ‘Austin Jay’ is a six-track EP about the trials of youth. 


“Demented”, the focus track comments on the heartlessness of modern relationships through guitar stabs and powerful vocals. It sets the tone for the rest of the EP with its alt-pop references and trap sensibilities. As Jay explains, “I wrote it coming from a place of angst. I think modern-day romantic relationships are too casual, you know?” He continues, “I’m not a casual person. I’m a romantic at heart, and I miss the old-fashioned, dramatic, infatuated romance from old books and movies I love. Demented is about my problems with casual relationships and how so many people today are afraid or unwilling to truly commit and call it love.”


The LA-based musician first came into media attention with viral covers of Khalid’s “Location” and Billie Eilish’s “Ocean Eyes”. He’s since garnered an 80k following on Instagram and amassed over 350,00 streams on just his first three original releases on Spotify. 


Moving forward, he looks to keep building on himself as an artist, with this debut EP just the first stepping stone. He explains that this is about ‘not conforming to what society says you have to be and creating your own lane in life.” For fans of ‘Austin Jay’ and the charming pop-star behind it, he’ll be supporting the release with a national tour across the US this summer. 

Stream 'Austin Jay' below: