Take a walk on the wild side with the newly crowned 'Queen of Gen-Z', Baby Ariel, who appears to do it all with a smile on her face!

Crowned the ‘Queen of Gen Z’, 18-year-old Baby Ariel is taking the internet by storm, and don’t just take my word for it, with a string of awards and TV-appearances to her name, she’s already been featured in FORBES’ “Top Influencers 2017: Entertainment’ and has been recognised by TIME as one of the 25 Most Influential People on the Internet! Beginning her online career on the app TikTok, Baby Ariel has steadily amassed a following of over 46 million across all social media platforms. 


In her new single ‘wildside’, inspired by the 70s classic ‘Walk on the Wildside’, Baby Ariel celebrates being yourself even if you’re still trying to figure that out. This is the next evolution in Baby Ariel’s creative journey of self-discovery and expression, reminding both herself and her millions of fans that it’s okay to be yourself even if you don’t know who you are just yet. The star is always trying to “keep enforcing positivity”.


Baby Ariel recently starred in Nickelodeon’s original TV movie, Bixler High Private Eye, following guest-starring roles in Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger and Disney’s Bizardvark. I mean, if that wasn’t enough for the girl who can do it all – Baby Ariel is also an Executive Producer and star of her own digital YouTube series, Baby Doll Records.


The Floridian teen sensation takes some time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about all things Baby Ariel!

It’s difficult to believe that with such success that Ariel did in fact struggle to find herself online, admitting that “When I was 14, I was online and felt like I had to be and act a certain way. It’s not authentic”. Eventually finding her feet in the world of likes, hearts and views, the social media phenomenon, “forgetting what everybody else thought, just focusing on [her]self” released content which “people really gravitated towards”. It is clear that her single coupled with her self-directed music video reflects this self-acceptance, which millions have and still connect to. 


Despite her career revolving around her social media presence, the star appreciates her time offline, being on social media can definitely take its toll. Ariel advocates that others do the same – “it sounds so cliche but literally everyone just go outside more”.

Away from the mobile screens, Ariel, in her downtime, enjoys doing her makeup finding the process “very therapeutic” as well as listening to music, as “it’s just you and a time where you are truly alone with yourself.” 


In relation to Baby Ariel’s love of music, it stemmed from her Dad who put in her piano class “the second” she was born. She also cites SZA as being an inspiration to her, stating that “she’s so real and everything I wanna be”.

At the moment this all-rounder is in disbelief with what she’s achieved in such a short period of time – “it’s always been my dream, I just didn’t think it was possible.” However, with her passion and determination, it’s no wonder why she’s already being widely acknowledged as a success!


But for now, check out her new single ‘wildside’ and be prepared for Ariel’s world domination!

Take a walk on the wild side below!