Duo Frankie Furm & Griffin Stone have released a blissed-out new collab, "BABY BLUE".

Frankie Furm began his career working as a dancer, featuring in music videos from Daddy Yankee, Emilia Mernes and Ozuna. The COVID pandemic proved to be the impetus for him to focus on producing and developing his own style of instrumentation.


It’s brought him into contact with the likes of Griffin Stone, a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Stone has made his name as a performer, blending honest lyrics and soulful vocals to garner critical acclaim. Their two sensibilities have proved to be perfect match for one another, giving root to a forthcoming joint EP, ‘Patches’.


Their new track, “BABY BLUE”, is an ideal sample of the energy the duo are bringing with this new EP. It creates a vibe that’s at once chilled and danceable. Stone’s relaxed and inviting vocals pair with the experimental soundscape the duo have cooked up, with guitar and synths blending to create a summery environment for the listener to dip into.


On the track, Furm says, “”BABY BLUE” is the head-nodder for me. Of all the songs on the new EP, it’s the one where I could just listen to that chorus loop over and over again. It also came about at a time when I started really getting into house music, so to be able to semi-successfully incorporate some of that influence into the track is really validating for me.”

Listen below: