Breakbot launches his new EP with a disco-laden new single Devotion.

Gentle disco music plays in the background as the camera pans over a seemingly innocent scene, the camera zooms in, things are not what they seem. Action explodes, the beat kicks in and an American man declares ‘ladies and gentlemen, we got him’. That’s the template for the meme that has bought Breakbot‘s classic disco anthem ‘Baby I’m Yours’ into the lands of viral success. It’s the biggest musical meme since ‘Johnny Yes Papa’ and we can all agree, thank fuck that one’s over.


Meme-fame can be a complicated thing but Breakbot doesn’t seem to mind it. A veteran of the French dance music scene, signed, naturally, to Ed Banger records, he’s been putting out disco-infused banger for years, gaining a reputation as one of the best producers and DJs across the channel. It’s safe to say the spotlight isn’t anything unusual for him. In fact, the French producer even seems to be leaning into the moment, today dropping his new EP Another You. Alongside the EP he’s also sharing lead single ‘Devotion’, another team up with Irfane, the vocalist on ‘Baby I’m Yours’. Premiering on Notion today it’s another slice of upbeat, loved-up disco goodness that deserves to be as adored as its predecessor.