BACARDÍ Rum collaborates with Boi-1da and West-Coast brand NAHMIAS to launch a wearable album collection, designed to amplify emerging artists.

Seeking innovative ways to support rising artists, BACARDÍ Rum’s Music Liberates Music campaign is amplifying underrepresented voices in the industry by spotlighting their work, elevating their platforms and connecting new musicians with established mentors. The fourth iteration of the program sees the brand enlist renowned producer-songwriter Boi-1da and high-end streetwear brand NAHMIAS, who have teamed up to create a first-of-its-kind wearable album capsule collection.


Designed with the tech generation in mind, a QR code has been linked to each of the four gender-neutral garments, directing customers straight to emerging artists and their music by simply scanning the code on their phones.


The collection made its runway debut at NAHMIAS’s Spring/Summer 2023 show at Paris Men’s Fashion Week, where a “codes out, phones out” policy allowed attendees to discover not only the West-Coast influenced collection, but the music and artists curated by the campaign. Available for pre-order exclusively at NAHMIAS, the project invites us all to support talent on the rise, by essentially becoming walking promoters of their music through wearable pieces.

Raised in the Californian coastal town of Summerland, Doni Nahmias founded his eponymous brand in 2018. Since then, he’s grown the company from his first 12-piece DIY collection to an influential name now synonymous with West-Coast cool. Building an empire he wants to be known as “the most authentic, California luxury household name”, Doni has perfected the balance of honouring its local roots whilst garnering global reach.


Self-taught with no formal fashion education, Doni says the process took “a lot of trial and error and figuring it out” through constantly experimenting and pushing boundaries in the studio. He notes this has meant making mistakes and even wasting time working through obstacles, but also translates that experience into advice for aspiring designers: “My best advice is just staying patient and to not try to do too much too soon. Start small and really find your niche and what feels authentic to you.” It’s exactly this ethos that drew Boi-1da to the designer and brand, echoed in his own advice to rising artists and the overall aims of the BACARDÍ Rum campaign.

Watch the campaign video:

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