Mancunian artist Dana Luna shares her debut single “Back&Forth” ahead of her forthcoming EP ‘Sorry did you call me ExTra?’.

Dana Luna is an unsigned solo artist from Manchester and has just shared her anthemic debut single “Back & Forth”. Dropped ahead of her forthcoming EP, ‘Sorry did you call me ExTra?’ is scheduled for release next year.


At 16 years old Dana signed with Manchester agency Boss Models and in 2021 won Miss British Isles. Departing shortly after to take free reign over her creative expression, Dana is currently working towards her solo music career. “Back & Forth” is a track with a pop-punk tint exploring the theme of toxic relationships. Accompanied by a DIY music video, throughout this release the artist chops up various camera lenses to create a frenzy of visuals.


Speaking about her new release Dana says: I’d just got out of a really toxic situation with an ex. I was sitting on a train and we were in yet another bad argument. I wrote out this really long message telling him to F himself and then the song “You & Jennifer” by Bulow came on through my headphones. It was such a weird song to randomly come on because it was so unreasonably fitting. I got this overwhelming spark of inspiration from that and  how shameless and unapologetic she was with it. So, I erased the message, hit block, got my notebook out and wrote the lyrics to the first verse”. 

Stream “Back & Forth” below: