London based singer-songwriter Louis Vann Johnson takes centre stage with his emotive new single “Backfired”.

Having spent most of his career writing and performing alongside others, Louis Vann Johnson is ready to take the helm. A natural-born artist, this powerful songwriter blends layers of R&B and Pop with his latest release “Backfired”.


As a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer, Louis never limits himself to one sound or approach to his music. “Backfired” is a testament to this – Louis creates a soothing soundscape filled with hope, bringing light into a world that seems shrouded in darkness. 


On the reflective new single, Louis Vann Johnson explains, “Backfired is about finding a relationship in a state of chaos. It explores the journey of recognising, understanding and eventually accepting that there are fundamental incompatibilities/differences in that relationship that cannot be solved overnight.”


A true, versatile player, Louis Vann Johnson oozes with star quality. Expect to see his name in lights one day. 

Listen to the track below: