Head backstage with Californian star Charlotte Lawrence as she captivates audiences on tour with Madison Beer and drops her latest tune, 'I Don't Wanna Dance'.

Charlotte Lawrence can’t stop winning. Our NOTION 88 cover star joined Madison Beer, on The Spinnin’ Tour, and now she’s gearing up to star in the new Apple TV+ series Bad Monkey, which is set to come out later this summer. With an unapologetic attitude and a universal approach, Charlotte relates to her audience through her music and sings what everyone wants to hear when performing live – all the hits fans could imagine.


We catch up with Charlotte Lawrence as she details how she came up with the sentiments behind her newest summer anthem, ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’.

Hey Charlotte, how is 2024 going for you so far? 
It feels like the best year yet, honestly.
Now it’s out in the world, how does it feel to release ‘How It Ends’?
I’m so proud of ‘How It Ends’! We made this song about a year ago, and it feels amazing to finally get to share it with the world. This song is so nostalgic to me, and every time I perform it on tour, I remember all those feelings again! The first time falling in love, the butterflies, the crazy high of it all. 
‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’ mixes a pop feel with the sentiments of a heartfelt ballad, while ‘How it Ends’ showcases some rock elements. How would you describe your signature sound?
It’s hard to label my “sound” to be honest, because I feel it’s ever-changing! I have the influences that I’ve loved forever while collecting new ones every year, learning from life experiences and collaborators, and (hopefully) my sound grows alongside me. I just want to write songs that I would want to listen to, whether they were my songs or not! If I’m being objective though, I’d say alternative pop-rock or Indie singer-songwriter-ish too. A little bit of all of it, haha!
‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’ is dedicated to “All the people I don’t f*ck anymore”. Tell us how this concept came about? What made you decide to make the track?
Hahaha I wouldn’t call that quote a concept, more so just a shout out. The song can be about many things. To me, it’s about feeling unhappy and stuck and finally admitting that you want to get out of “hell”! Wherever “hell” is… a relationship, a bar, a friendship, etc. 
What advice would you give to someone who is finding it difficult to cut ties with people they should be apart from?
If you’re not married with kids, nothing matters. You can leave right now with no repercussions. You’re young! Have fun! Do what you want to do! If you are married with kids, it makes it harder, as you’re responsible for more than just yourself now, but it’s still doable!!! Life is short. If you’re unhappy, it’s time for a change! There will be a rainbow on the other side… I think the universe rewards us when we make the right choices for ourselves and our wellbeing.
"during bodybag (still crying)"
Do you often use your personal experiences to fuel inspiration for new music?
Yes! It’s all I do. It’s the only thing I do truthfully. It’s kind of hard for me to write about things I don’t have experience with, so mostly everything is pulled from my own life or my friends’ or partners’ lives. 
If you could give any advice to new artists starting out in the industry, what would you say?
Write 10,000 songs, it’s important to figure out what you want to say. Practice, practice, practice, and stay independent for as long as you can. 
Who are some artists you would love to work with on a track in the future?
Lana is my dream collaborator forever and always. And Justin Vernon. Truthfully, I just want to make more music with Ben Gibbard. He’s the most talented person in the world. 
You’ve been on tour with Madison Beer and played at Radio City Music Hall – so cool! How did it feel to be selected to join THE SPINNIN TOUR?
It felt AMAZING. I love her to death. She’s a superstar. And the coolest, kindest, loveliest, best human. It was a dream come true and I am depressed that it’s over, truthfully. 
You’ve just appeared in Bad Monkey for Apple TV. How does leading this polymathic double life of being an actress and a singer feel?
I can’t wait for it to come out! August 14! Filming the show was a whirlwind and a challenge and pure joy. It unlocked such a fun passion in me, and I feel so lucky and grateful to have been given the opportunity. Music is my forever love, since I’ve been a baby, ‘til I die, but acting is a new love! It was so much fun. I think both careers revolve around expression and emotion in one way or the other. Acting felt so freeing and awesome. I’m so lucky. 
What’s next for Charlotte Lawrence?
Bad Monkey is coming out August 14, an album soon after, and then a headline tour soon after as well!

Head behind the scenes below as we go backstage on tour with Charlotte Lawrence.

"woke up in boston went straight to soundcheck"
"jumping on stage"
"matched my t-shirt"
"pre show shop"
"pre show lobster roll"
"vicks vapor steamer for voice"
"pre show jitters"
"my gramma mimi came to visit!"
"they let us go onto fenway park at nighttime!!"
"post show oysters"
"a crayon drawing i drew of Muriel at dinner"

Listen to 'I Don't Wanna Dance' now:

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