Rising star Mikaila Murphy returns with an upbeat offering brimming with sass: “Bad Bitch Energy”.

Detroit-native Mikaila Murphy is a rising artist who knows exactly what she’s bringing to the table. Following a string of punchy, impactful musical offerings, her latest single “Bad Bitch Energy” channels confidence for a self-love summer anthem.


Classically trained as a dancer and a vocalist, her studies led her to a natural grounding in R&B. Mikaila always promoted body confidence, a message that has extended to her current releases. Unapologetic in her promotion of self-love, she has clearly struck a chord with over sixteen million social media fans around the world.


New single, “Bad Bitch Energy” extends Mikaila’s positive message, alongside her soulful vocals and pulsing beat. About the track, she describes: “Bad Bitch Energy is a song for my bad bitches!! It’s a fun little vibe meant to make you feel good about yourself and to just have fun listening to!! It’s meant to promote confidence and inner self love, and YES! Men can be bad bitches too.”

Stream "Bad Bitch Energy" below: