Kitty Montague shares the sassy and empowered single "Bad Boy" - and it's packed with sophistication for a sophomore release.

Kitty Montague’s soulful, pop-leaning track “Bad Boy” raises a middle finger to the ex that comes knocking.


Loaded with sass, singer-songwriter Kitty casts off second chances and toxic relationships in this affirming new single about putting your self-worth first.


Kitty Montague’s new single Bad Boy” follows on from her previous track “Yellow Lines”. It’s’ only her second release to date, as she launched her career earlier this year. 


Speaking on Bad Boy”, Kitty explains, “I wrote this song during an extremely significant shift in my life. I had just left a very male orientated company which completely opened my eyes to the everyday sexism and objectification that women face. It was my gateway into feminism, and I started to question everything including my relationships. I realised how much of myself, and my worth, I had been compromising to avoid being lonely.  ‘Bad Boy’ was written during this pivotal period, where the narrative of my writing also changed from being heartbroken, to being empowered”.


As Kitty Montague builds a name for herself as an open, honest, and provocative writer, it’s no wonder she’s already turning heads. We’re looking forward to more empowering tracks in the future.

Listen to Kitty Montague's "Bad Boy" below:

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