'BAD', a rhythmic journey that originated as a hip-hop-meets-afrobeats fusion freestyle, is Ruphc's latest offering to the world.

The landscape of contemporary global beats is ever-evolving and former medical practitioner-turned-artist Ruphc is emerging with an offering of his own – his latest single, ‘BAD’. Hailing from the Nigerian Delta, Ruphc has since been carving out a name for himself in the musical currents of the UK, stitching together Afrobeats and hip-hop into a sonic realm of his own.


‘BAD’, is a rhythmic journey that originated as a freestyle and subsequently manifested into a track that is a vibrant convergence of culture and sound. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Phyno, Asake, Falz, Odumodublvck, and Shallipopi, Ruphc channels their energy while maintaining his unique flair.


In a conversation about the song’s meaning, Ruphc sheds light on the nuances of the Igbo language, explaining that “‘BAD’ here means several things – skilful, talented, incredible”: he repurposes language and seamlessly weaves it into the fabric of his track, creating a textured listening experience.


Ruphc’s creative process, which is a spontaneous freestyle method, adds an organic authenticity to his work. “I heard the beat, caught the vibe and started to freestyle. It’s basically how I make most of my songs. I don’t write; I just vibe,” he shares, underscoring the impromptu nature that gives ‘BAD’ its raw and unfiltered charm.


With infectious melodies and a rhythm that demands movement, ‘BAD’ isn’t just a song, it’s a demonstration of Ruphc’s commitment to crafting a genre-defying musical experience.

Listen to 'BAD' now: