VVEST has dropped his icy new tune, "Bad Move Baby".

VVEST walks his own path without apology. His own music is truly a VVEST project – released by his own record label, produced and engineered and written by him. It’s a commitment to walk his own path without the influence of others, and without getting caught up in the ephemeral trends of modern music.


It’s the kind of thing you can do if you’ve had the backing of Prince, who described VVEST as “very talented” after he helped produce several tracks for the late, great pop legend. He’s taken that confidence into a proudly idiosyncratic career, and the skills are on full display in his new tune, “Bad Move Baby”.


The new tune is a playful and contemporary tune that touches on timely pandemic themes but never getting bogged down in misery and introspection. The beat that carries through the song brings a sense of swagger and confidence that sits intriguingly alongside the emotional uncertainties that VVEST plays with – sharp beats set alongside the ever-present danger of vulnerability.


On the song, VVEST says, “Bad Move Baby” is about a “situationship” between two people that were meant to be kept a secret. Homegirl caught feelings and got too excited. Now she’s running about sharing our business (in hopes that it makes us seem like we’re together officially to other people). To me personally, this song means a lot. When producing it, I wanted to get away from all the trap drums and sounds I usually use and use live instruments. Also, a big thing for me, when writing the song, I wanted to avoid using cuss words for many reasons. Most of the biggest hits in the world don’t have cuss words. And being that I just had a kid, I want kids to listen and enjoy the song.”

Listen here: