Star-studded collaborator Bailey Lau is making waves with a unique brand of trap production, which has simultaneously turned the heads of Future and Lil Durk.

The music industry is a tough nut to crack, and it’s even more challenging when you come from a small town where the resources to pursue your dreams are scarce. However, that’s precisely what Bailey Lau, a 20-year-old self-taught producer from Sale, Victoria, Australia, did. He didn’t let his small-town upbringing and lack of a big music scene keep him from pursuing his passion. Instead, the ambitious artist taught himself how to produce music and has quickly become a rising star in the industry. Despite the challenges he faced along the way, Bailey’s determination and talent has propelled him to the top, and he’s already worked with some of the biggest names in the business.


Bailey’s journey began in 2019 when he fell in love with producing. He explains, “I saw a random video on Facebook of someone making a beat, and I found it so interesting, as I’d never seen anything like it. So I got my brother’s old laptop and cracked FL Studio, and once I’d become confident in using the program, I finally decided to upgrade and take it more seriously.”


The enterprising producer faced numerous challenges along the way, including being stuck in his house during the pandemic while still in high school. But he didn’t let that stop him. “A big challenge I faced was that I was from a small town of 10,000 people in regional Australia. There really isn’t a big music scene, and there are no resources to help me; I did it all on my own,” he says.


But all that hard work paid off. Thanks to producer Haan, Bailey earned the opportunity to prove himself and was eventually signed to Grade A. Grade A is best known for its involvement in the success of Juice Wrld and The Kid Laroi.


Bailey has already worked with numerous big-name artists such as Future, Lil Durk, and Trippie Redd. He also collaborated with Travis Scott’s artist, SoFaygo, on his most recent album ‘Pink Heartz, which was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live and appeared on Apple Music’s Up Next.


Alongside star-studded collaborations, Bailey’s music has been performed live at festivals, including Rolling Loud LA, Rolling Loud Toronto, and Summer Smash Festival. But Bailey still has big aspirations for his future: “Eventually, I’d like to have the ability to start other businesses based on my name, and even get to the point where I can sign and give others the opportunity I was given.”


Despite Bailey’s success, he remains grateful for the opportunities others have given him. “A story that I’ll remember forever is the day we went to Miami and pulled up on Future,” he says. “Haan and I were just cooking up in his studio when Future walked in and started recording. We did three songs on the first night. That day will always stick with me.”


Bailey is a shining example of what aspiring creatives can achieve through hard work, determination, and a love for what they do. As he continues breaking boundaries in the music world, Bailey proves that you don’t need a long and winding past to have a bright future.

Stream 'A Gift And A Curse', produced by Bailey Lau, below: