Rising songwriter Bea Stewart releases vulnerable new single “Nicest Song I’ve Ever Written”.

Belfast-born and raised artist Bea Stewart is quickly catching people’s attention thanks to her folk-influenced indie pop. Following the success of her debut track “Screaming at Traffic”, which has amassed over 100 thousand streams, the songstress today released “Nicest Song I’ve Ever Written”: an emotive piece that spotlights Northern Ireland’s rich musical history.  


Mixing traditional folk with indie sensibilities, Bea Stewart is masterfully crafting a sound intrinsic to her. Signed to Kin Records, a new independent record label created by Eliot James of Two Door Cinema Club, she spent 2022 putting together a yet-to-be-released but highly anticipated debut EP. James offered his pop craftmanship to the project, instantly seeing something special in her. 


Continuing Bea Stewart’s ascent as a songwriter to watch, “Nicest Song I’ve Ever Written” is an ode to the gentlest loves in our life. Inspired by the lineage of Irish and Northern Irish songwriters before her, from the Cranberries to Hozier, the track is deeply rooted in storytelling. It’s a deeply personal piece that touches on the unspoken bond between siblings. On the track, she says: “I wrote this song at a time when I could see my brother was struggling but I couldn’t find the right words to say to him. This song is my attempt at putting the unspoken into words.”

Stream "Nicest Song I've Ever Written" below:

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