With a new sleek campaign featuring BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim, check out Beats Solo Buds, the new all-day wireless earphones you're going to want to own.

Following a succession of quality products over the last few years, Beats aren’t shy to make some noise about their latest product, the Beats Solo Buds. Arriving in stores on 20th June, the earbuds will be on sale from today, starting at an affordable price of only £79.99. Available in four beautiful colours – Matte Black, Storm Grey, Arctic Purple and Transparent Red – you can be sure to match your outfits accordingly.


Partnered with Apple’s groundbreaking audio technology and seamless assimilation, Beats Solo Buds are just another way you can enjoy listening to your favourite tunes while on the go and in the highest quality. Coupled with a custom-built sound system, the Beats Solo Buds decrease background noise and leave the user with high-clarity audio thanks to laser-cut vents, allowing the bass to be pumping all day long.

Teaming up with South Korean singer, rapper and actress Jennie Kim, best known as a member of the iconic girl group BLACKPINK, the brand have dropped a sleek new campaign showing off the unique vibrant design. “Every design decision was focused on accurate music reproduction”, the brand explains “from the drivers to the vents, to the position of each intricate component inside. The result? Cleanly balanced tuning that gives you the full range and emotion of all your favourite music, as the artists intended.”


Beats time and time again bring sound quality and exceptional craftsmanship to the forefront of the business, ensuring customers not only receive a product that looks great but works just as well. Featuring 18 hours of battery life and immaculate iOS/Android integration, the Beats Solo Buds are the perfect portable audio essential ready to elevate your listening experience to new sonic heights.


Get yourself a pair of Beats Solo Buds online here.

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