Bonneville, the Southern retro soul band, are rearing to carve out their space on the scene, unleashing their latest dance-infused track, 'Beautiful One'.

The track’s infectious groove and funky beats mark a departure from their traditional retro-soul sound, incorporating electronic elements to create a fresh and vibrant tune that beckons listeners to get moving. ‘Beautiful One’ is the third single from Bonneville’s highly anticipated second album, Flying Machine. With its release, the band continues to captivate audiences with their seamless blend of nostalgia and innovation, proving that their dynamic retro soul is not just a homage to the past but a bold step into the future of soulful music.


The cover art for ‘Beautiful One’ – created by graphic designer @nickvisualsart – sets the tone for the track, hinting at the energetic and dynamic sound that awaits listeners. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, Bonneville has crafted a song that pushes the boundaries of their sound while still staying true to their roots.


Described as a “grooving, funky, feel-good summer dance tune,” ‘Beautiful One’ strives to be more than just a catchy melody. Its lyrics were written with the intent to send a message about the club scene and “selfie culture”, offering a commentary on societal trends. Band member Jeff Hayashi explains, “This is our take on a club track. It’s a banger, a head-bopper, and an all-around party jam, but upon closer inspection has a deep message of introspection and outward observation.”


Collaborating with GRAMMY-recognized producer Starita, Bonneville has elevated their sound, blending live instrumentation with electronic elements to create a sound that exists as a rhapsody lying somewhere between modern and soulful. Starita comments, “With this song, the band left it very open for me to work my magic and blend electronic elements with live instrumentation. It’s been an evolutionary goal for me as the producer to begin pushing boundaries with the Bonneville sound.”


Boneville’s one hope for this most recent track is “that at the end of the day, people not only feel this groove and have fun with it, but each listener takes away their own perspective from the lyrics”. Fans can expect more electrifying tracks from Bonneville as they embark on their musical journey, playing with the boundaries of genre and sound while staying true to their passion for authentic, soulful music.

Listen to 'Beautiful One' by Boneville now: