Sarah Elizabeth Curran's 'Becoming Our Mothers' is a project that questions the pervasiveness of our mothers' identities in the construction of our own sense of self.

Created as a final year piece for soon-to-be Kingston University Fashion graduate, Sarah Elizabeth Curran had been working tirelessly on the project for the past year in the hope of showcasing a full graduate collection. However, due to COVID-19, the university’s new submission requirements meant only a single look was required, rather than a full collection she had prepared for. This feature celebrates the project in full, with photographs by Reece James Morrison.


Made from raw materials passed through her family’s generations, the pieces in Sarah’s collection take reference from old family photos and archives.


Of the work, Sarah said: “‘Becoming Our Mothers’ is a project exploring the importance of families, celebrating the women who nursed me into adulthood. I try to create an image of the women I know and love, but it is never perfect. And it is with this realisation and self-acceptance that a new woman is born. She is exaggerated, ladylike and undeniably frantic. I use my work to depict a frenzied sort of womanhood and actively encourage a type of meditative play; to dress up.”


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