With his first release of 2024, ‘Before My Eyes’, London artist Dom Quincey is opening up and showcasing his multifaceted talent.

Hailing from West London, Dom Quincey has been independently producing his brand of alt-pop since 2019. ‘Before My Eyes’ is the artist’s latest single which draws together his multi-faceted musical skills and penchant for experimentation with touching personal lyrics. 


The singer, composer and producer is a master of weaving unexpected sonics into dreamscapes. It’s a skill which can be accredited to Dom’s diverse influences – Jeff Buckley, James Blake and Frank Ocean among them – and formal music education, studying both classical and contemporary genres. After graduating in 2020, Dom has stayed focused on carefully honing in his craft, using just a few tools in his attic room, and prioritising quality over quantity. 


What emerges over the 6 singles of Dom’s back catalogue is an enticing sound that feels both totally new and comfortingly nostalgic. Whilst all of these navigate coming-of-age narratives, ‘Before My Eyes’ has raw expression at its forefront: “I started working on ideas for the song a couple of years ago, but it didn’t find its true meaning until after I experienced a traumatic loss” Dom says of the track.


Laced with ethereal vocal harmonies, his distinctive raspy singing explores the yearning and grief one suffers when a romantic relationship and all the intimacy that comes with it, ends. Accompanied by twinkling piano, echoing synths and harditting percussion the song’s many layers reflect the complex emotions of love and loss. It’s the songwriter’s most vulnerable piece of project to date, Dom shares “This track feels different for me as it reflects an entirely raw expression of myself. Sonically, I wanted the song to reflect a journey of emotions.” 


From a fragile beginning, ‘Before My Eyes’ eventually crescendos into an awe-inspiring climax as Dom lays out all his cards. Demonstrating a strong sensibility of how sonics can take listeners on a journey, the single is a promising start to the emerging artist’s next chapter. 

Listen to 'Before My Eyes' by Dom Quincey now: