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Eva Lazarus discusses her new album and journey so far before performing an anthem for self-confidence, “How Am I Looking”, for the latest episode of Behind The Base.

On the latest episode of Behind The Base with PizzaExpress and Nordoff Robbins, multi-faceted artist and performer Eva Lazarus takes to the kitchen in a festive special. Mixing it up from the usual pizza-based offerings, it’s menu-favourite Snowball Dough Balls on the cards for Eva to try her hand at making.


She discusses her latest sophomore album, ‘Brandy Kisses’, a 16-track body of work produced by Dirty Dike. Explaining their process, Eva also touches on her Next Level scheme in Bristol, a mentoring programme for young musicians about which the artist is passionate.

Diving back into her musical origins, Eva recalls writing songs on the back of receipts while working on her reception job. Discussing her track “Amsterdam” specifically, she chats about the journey of coming to the end of a relationship, gaining the courage to leave and booking a ticket to Amsterdam.


While the dough balls are in the oven, they chat about the track Eva will perform: “How Am I Looking”. About “blackness and natural hair” she tells a personal story of growing up not seeing her hair type represented in the media, feeling a need to conform, as a proximity to whiteness was lauded as aspirational. Now embracing her whole self, including her natural hair, Eva has become the representation she lacked.

Watch the full episode below: