Moxie Raia gives Notion an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of her new music video for "Love Language".

Launching herself into a new era, Moxie Raia is ready to take her seat at the table with new single “Love Language”. An anthem about mistrust, the track is set against an upbeat, club-ready tempo, reminiscent of the late, great “Aaliyah”.


“The track is about being self-assured and growth-driven while in a relationship with someone who is constantly accusing. In the song I’m saying to look within his own insecurities instead of trying to control me,” says Moxie.


Notion were given an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the music video for “Love Language”. In it, Moxie can be seen illuminated against the darkness, eating up a tightly choreographed dance routine. Clad in a range of sublime outfits, in one part of the video, she’s even strapped to a harness for a floating scene.

The East Coast native is now settled in Los Angeles, and believes that “energy is everything – so I just try to put the best of mine in the music and pray I did it well enough that it resonates.”


Having previously collaborated with Post Malone, Steve Aoki, Wyclef Jean, Goldlink, Pusha T and more, and toured with Justin Bieber, Moxie is ready to climb the charts and achieve the superstar status she deserves.


Get ready, world.

Watch the music video below: