We get an exclusive look behind the scenes of a Franc Moody show in aid of Music Venue Trust, ahead of the group's 'House of FM' EP release.

Contemporary funk collective Franc Moody has given Notion an exclusive look behind the scenes of a livestreamed show they performed in aid of Music Venue Trust, setting up the launch of their new EP ‘House of FM’.


Franc Moody’s sound is contemporary take on disco-funk, glittering with electronic inspiration and pop productions. Their debut album ‘Dream in Colour’ explored the way in which modern life constantly oscillates between online and offline realities, from the world navigated inside phones to the one explored each day with physiological senses. The band are constantly surrounding themselves with musicians, visual artists, vocalists, set designers, and animators who help them achieve their vision. This includes the immensely talented Amber-Simone who has become a key collaborator in the live show.

Most recently Franc Moody have unveiled their new track “Big Cheese”, the latest to be taken from their forthcoming ‘House of FM’ EP, due in May and follows the glorious new single “Losing Touch”. It’s the unique London collective’s first new material since ‘Dream in Colour’, which took them through to a recent live stream, ‘Live in The Lift’; an ambitious short film that raised over £1,000 for Music Venues Trust.


“Big Cheese”, according to the band, “is our attempt to soundtrack the human version of a peacock’s strut – bold, colourful confidence. We initially imagined the tune being the tongue in cheek soundtrack to the cliched “city slicker”; a pin-striped suit, slick-back hair, overconfident deal maker. But as the tune evolved, we realised that this strut is not the domain of the “Big Cheese’s” in the financial world but actually this groove just becomes about an attitude, a confidence to express oneself fully and unashamedly.”

Whilst bottling up their incredible live show into the charity show ‘Live In The Lift’, Franc Moody have kept fans further entertained of late with their ‘Franc Zoomy’ parties, Whatsapp groups, and generally keeping close with the grassroots audience who have made them one of the UK’s most feel-good bands.


A band who came up via the tight-knit warehouse scene of London who played a run of raucous sold-out shows worldwide, they have earned their reputation as a hot home-grown live prospect. With songs about togetherness, community, and the tension between online and offline life now manifesting itself in unprecedented manner, Franc Moody are a reminder of better days (and late nights) ahead.

Listen to "Big Cheese" below:

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