Notion go behind the scenes of Hatchie's shimmering support of Girlpool's tour with guitarist and collaborator Joe Agius.

Described as sonic sunshine, Hatchie is the rising pop artist with her unstoppable brand of dreamy indie music. Her sound is as elegant as it is powerful, a kaleidoscopic pallet of shimmering synths, pulsing dance beats and unforgettable lyrics.
“Keepsake”, the debut album out on Heavenly, from the Aussie musician, is thick with emotionally infused memories and summer imagery, proving her expansive and growing talents as a musician. Hatchie has taken her magic on tour across Australia and now the US, beautifully captured on film by her guitarist and collaborator Joe Agius. Just like Hatchie’s music captures ephemeral moments in time, these images provide behind the scenes snapshots of the beautiful whirlwind of tour life.


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