SD The God continues his reign with new single "Believe", telling listeners to chase their dreams.

SD The God is an artist who believes in achieving the unimaginable and chasing your dreams by any means. He graced fans with a debut EP, ‘Coronation’ in 2021 and has accumulated over 20,000 streams so far. Returning with new track “Believe”, SD continues to demonstrate what he’s about.


An independent vocalist based in New York City, SD started exploring music from the early age of ten. His distinct take on afrofusion draws on a variety of personal and professional influences. He was born in the UK after his family experienced displacement from Sierra Leone and grew up in Washington DC: a cultural mix that has contributed to the artist’s sound. Citing artists such as Davido, Hardy Caprio, Emmerson, and Aa as having further impact, cross-dimensional tracks like “Believe” showcase the scope of his capabilities.  


New track “Believe” combines masterful percussion with soulful vocals that bring forward a message of positivity and self belief. An uplifting summer tune, SD describes how “The only thing you got Is you, and your wildest dreams…”.

Listen to "Believe" by SD The God below: