Kiss Kanoo has dropped a cyberpunk-inspired new single, "Believr".

The future is here, and Kiss Kanoo is ready to celebrate it. Bringing an edgy cyberpunk aesthetic to her proudly brash pop/punk sound, she’s focused on creating music that doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before, while paying tribute to a host of influences from Grimes to Doja Cat to Justin Timberlake.


As the startlingly cool cover of her new release “Believr” suggests, Kiss Kanoo is an artist who prizes visuals just as much as she does great music – it’s about creating fully immersive art that pulls you in all the way, and demands 100% of your attention. Her use of sci-fi helps to create a world bigger than just one song, drawing on a rich tradition of cutting-edge art that dares to imagine an expansive future. It’s an ethos exemplified by her involvement in Ombra, a studio which designs fully-integrated experiences for global artist tours that play on all the elements of performance.


The tune itself finds surprising room for minimalism, letting the heady instrumentals slow down to focus on the emotion expressed in Kiss Kanoo’s voice. Make no mistake, though, this is a cyberpunk-influenced tune that skilfully and playfully deploys synth to create a tumbling emotional landscape. It’s a song that shows Kiss Kanoo’s ability to get real and revel in escapism at once – an advert for her versatility that’s sure to earn her new fans.


On the song, Kiss Kanoo says, “This is Kiss Kanoo’s fifth and strongest release so far. “Believr” is a mix of modern and nostalgic pop that will make everybody dance and forget about their problems. The song is the perfect, post-pandemic hymn of hope for a better and creative future; a future that 2022 is here to bring.”

Listen here: