Stephanie Babirak’s new single ‘Berry Quartz’ is enchanting global audiences.

Renowned New York City-based harpist Stephanie Babirak has once again mesmerized audiences with her latest single, the bittersweetly titled ‘Berry Quartz’, released on Friday, April 26th. This heart-aching and haunting melody of love lost and longing is a pure example of Babirak’s prowess as a musician with a range of multifaceted storytelling capabilities, showcasing her unique ability to evoke deep emotions through her exquisite harp playing.


In ‘Berry Quartz’, Babirak’s thought-provoking and poignant lyrics paint an exceptionally vivid picture of yearning and remembrance, evoking a sort of sentimental ache of longing for someone who is no longer there. The melodic and temperate guitar strumming and the otherworldly tones of the harp blend mercilessly to create a hypnotic backdrop, while the layered synths and atmospheric strings add supreme depth and a mystifying richness to the overall sound.


Working in collaboration with friends Peter Scoma and Cody Geil, Babirak utilizes her graceful abilities to elevate ‘Berry Quartz’ to a whole new apex, imbuing it with a rich, impassioned energy that resonates deeply with audiophiles. From its sincere, whole-hearted lyrics to its mesmerizing melodies, ‘Berry Quartz’ is evidence of Babirak’s ability to craft the quality of music that reaches into our beings and speaks directly to our souls, further proving that she is—above all else—a talented harpist genuinely unlike any other.


No stranger to the world of music, Babirak has been lauded as “seraphic” and “a lovely harpist” by the Huffington Post. She is best known for her contemporary approach to the harp and has performed with renowned and beloved pop artists such as Adele, Phoebe Bridgers, and Sandra Day. Her collaborations shine a spotlight on Babirak’s versatility and the adaptability of her craft.


The harpist’s performances have been prominently featured in the 2018 Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai Genesis and on NBC’s Mr. Robot further solidifying her status as a musician of exceptional talent and skill. Babirak has toured both nationally and internationally, performing in venues ranging from the prestigious Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center to a sound bath in a Brooklyn salt cave.


As she looks forward, one of Babirak’s missions is to create music that makes the harp relevant and accessible to all audiences. With ‘Berry Quartz’, she has officially achieved this goal, demonstrating the emotive power and versatility of the harp in a contemporary setting, subsequently surpassing barriers. Through her music, Babirak seeks to connect with listeners on a deep, intimate level, using her heart to tell intricate stories that passionately explore the human experience under a variety of lights.


With her enthralling blend of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics that enchant listeners and highlight her extraordinary talent as a musician, Babirak continues to push the boundaries of what it is possible to achieve as a harpist. Those who appreciate relevant, deeply moving contributions to music can experience the enchanting melodies of ‘Berry Quartz’ on Spotify and immerse themselves in Babirak’s captivating world.


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