EPs, tours, and chart-topping hits: What’s next for Matt Freedman.

The country music genre has received, nurtured, and produced top musical talents who have grown to dominate the airwaves for decades. Some of these talents have achieved almost all that there is as an artist, and it’s undeniably incredible how some have remained relevant for decades. Matt Freedman is a top name who will undoubtedly feature on this list of memorable country music artists.


Matt is an incredibly talented country music artist. He is a renowned singer, songwriter, and performer with decades of experience in the music scene. Matt describes himself as a music veteran who has served the industry with numerous acts traversing almost a generation, some as a drummer, and guitar player and some as a frontman. Some of his releases include “Good Love”, his debut single that was featured on over 90 country radio stations in 2022, and features his musical diversity. He’s an outstanding songwriter with numerous accolades, including winning regional awards and international songwriting contests. 


Also an award-winning artist, Matt has also worked and played with various other artists and bands, including Miranda Lambert, Brantley Gilbert, Brett Young, and many others. 2022 was an incredible year for Matt as it added to his catalogue of success, enhancing momentum coming off of his national ‘American Sun’ tour.


A well-established artist, Matt and his band are certainly not on the verge of slowing down. Matt has already established a promising pipeline of events for 2023, including a national tour with dates with acts like Chris Lane, Parmalee, John Rich of Big & Rich, and others. He is also working to build on his success now that he has been placed on over five Spotify country editorial playlists and where his first single hit radio. To Matt, this is the beginning of a greater endeavour to cement his brand on the global stage. 


“We have an incredible road family. Our band, crew, sound team and all of our partners are incredible. As long as we’re able to continue to innovate, write amazing songs and keep the pieces together, there are no limits to where our family can go”, Matt explains. 


Aside from building his brand, Matt is also known for mentoring young talents to chase their dreams. According to him, pursuing music is a career like any other and demands dedication and sacrifice. Matt believes in building self-confidence to go after your dreams regardless of what you’re going through at the moment. “Be yourself and run your music career like a business you are the CEO of your brand. It’s also important to treat those around you as if they are family”, he says. 


Matt also encourages building industry networks and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. The goal is to strive and be a better version of yourself while enhancing your creativity. More importantly, challenges are part of the journey, so learn from every hurdle and improve your craft. 


The pandemic was an example of unforeseen hurdles that almost paralyzed the music industry. But these hurdles also allowed musicians to explore other avenues while honing their crafts. “During that time, I really focused on writing my full-length, and EP and writing for my publisher for pitches to major artists”, Matt says. He also used this time to connect deeper with his family, including his wife Lindsey who is his college sweetheart, and the major driver behind his music.


To Matt, the challenges have been a significant journey to enlightenment, with lessons helping propel his career forward.

Stream “Best Beers Yet” below: