Rising UK rapper DA REAL3ST has returned with his brand-new single, “BET”, alongside Sona.

DA REAL3ST’s hectic, melting-pot background has directly flowed into his unique sound which stirs elements of hip-hop, trap, drill, R&B, dancehall and afrobeats. In his own words, he’s a “melodic lyric monster” – never content to stick with the same flows or melodies, his every song switches things up.


Now, he’s returned stronger than ever, linking up with fellow Nigerian artist Sona. They draw on their shared heritage for a brand-new single, “BET”, which highlights DA REAL3ST’s smooth cadence and impressive lyricism.


Chatting about the new single, “BET”, DA REAL3ST has said, “‘BET’ is a song about the contrast between grinding hard and the effects it could have on your personal/love life. I wanted to show versatility within my style and also within drill. Drill can be fun and does not always have to be so serious.”


Born in north London, DA REAL3ST spent most of his childhood and teenage years in Croydon, but also would later spend two years discovering his heritage living in Nigeria and eight living in America. He was all set for a high-flying career as a professional footballer, earning the notice of several high-profile teams during his time as a youth player at AFC Wimbledon, so his sudden pivot to a musical life took his family by surprise.


DA REAL3ST has had to earn his fame bit-by-bit, starting out under the alias RMP (RealMusicPlayed) and making it all the way to win the prestigious Unsigned Stars competition, where he was handed the award by the south London rap legend himself, Stormzy.


He suffered a huge setback in late 2019 with his mother’s passing, who raised him singlehandedly in their time in Croydon. He took some time to reflect and regroup, and he emerged from his hiatus refreshed with his exciting rebrand as DA REAL3ST.


“BET” is taken from DA REAL3ST’s forthcoming debut mixtape, ‘LOVE OR RIVALRY’released on 19th November. With his previous singles already garnering huge acclaim for this north-south London artist, the catchy hook and honest lyrics of “BET” are set to take DA REAL3ST to the next level of his career.

Listen to the track below: