Global hip-hop artist Lil Dawg solidifies his place in the scene on new single "Big Bro", personifying his vibrant and unique style.

Lil Dawg has established and solidified his place in the global hip-hop scene with his debut EP, “Method to My Madness,” gaining a lot of traction. The EP released this year has thousands of streams on Spotify and has received a lot of praise from fans and artists alike. Lil Dawg is now back in the studio. The fast-rising rapper has announced the release of his latest track, Big Bro.


The song, available on all streaming platforms, sets new records for the young rapper with over 28K streams in a few days. Like his other singles, “Big Bro” is characterized by Lil Dawg’s vibrant and unique style. However, Lil Dawg’s sound brings a refreshing aura with sonics influenced by industry legends and tells a story of hope, love, and positivity.


His diversity sets him apart in the brutally competitive industry and helps him to share the message perfectly. To Lil Dawg, music is life. He describes music as one of the best things to ever happen to him, and he aims to share this with the rest of the world. According to Lil Dawg, one of his goals is to create true, impactful, and timeless music that is not only a vibe to dance and sing along to but also inspires and motivates the listener.

Lil Dawg uses music to share pieces of his story and address societal events. When Lil Dawg first started creating music, many tried to discourage him. At the time, Lil Dawg was just nine years old. His peers at school doubted him and felt like music was a long shot. Lil Dawg had people tell him how he would never make it and how his music sucks. He was also not financially stable and needed more money to buy proper equipment or pay for a studio session. But he didn’t stop showing up. Consequently, all the negativity directed at him helped him become better and stronger. Lil Dawg chose not to focus on the naysayers. Instead, he believed in his craft and continued perfecting his skills, learning more about reading music.


Looking back, Lil Dawg is glad he didn’t give up on his passion. He found a great team of friends, family supporters, and a growing loyal fan base. Lil Dawg has transcended 70000 followers on Instagram to almost 300K followers. His videos have amassed over 80K views on YouTube and garnered over 2000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


Lil Dawg has also done over 400 live shows opening for acts like Stylz P, Mindless Behavior, Freeway, and The Cokeboys. Lil Dawg has worked full-time with one of the largest marketing companies, Gateway, by celebrity entrepreneur Carter Jamison. Gateway has done business with Lil Pump, Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, and Bobby Shmurda by hosting celebrity giveaways to help up-and-coming artists build their profiles and engagements. Lil Dawg and the Gateway team have successfully worked with and kept over 10,000 motivated clients, with some assisting him in his journey. He has won several awards and has been featured in top publications like Fox 5 NY News.

Listen to "Big Bro" below: