Big Tone WrightSt has followed up his successful previous track “August 8th” release with a new 10-song LP, titled “Wright Street 4 Life.”

Big Tone WrightSt is one of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s brightest underground talents who has taken his career up a notch in 2022. The talent recently followed up his successful “August 8th” release with a new 10-song LP titled “Wright Street 4 Life.” Big Tone’s newest project offers fans insight and pays homage to his upbringing on 41st Wright Street in Milwaukee.


When it comes to music, Big Tone WrightSt is often known for his versatility in hip hop and passionate bars. “Wright Street 4 Life” showcases that and much more from the emerging talent. “Made For It,” the LP’s opening track, sets the tone early with bar for bar lyrics about just how far Big Tone WrightSt has come; overcoming countless struggles and obstacles along the way. Songs like ‘Money Diamonds & Gold’, ‘Steady Ballin’, and ‘The Profit’ continue to carry the energy all the way down to the final track ‘We The Ones’. Big Tone WrightSt calls on Juicester, Big Cam, and Ghost 53206 for back up as the outro gives way to a unit full of rhymes. The guest appearances adds a new flavor to the whole project and prominently takes the album to its end.


Big Tone WrightSt is starting to make some noise of his own in the music industry. He plans to keep his foot on the gas and make 2023 his year. Stay tuned.

Check out "Wright Street 4 Life" here: