God-of-Chamby takes a new approach to the Afro-Trap movement with his new single "Bigger Than Bombay".

What do you get if you mix trap beats and production, African music themes, and R&B stylings? God-of-Chamby’s nonchalant banger “Bigger than Bombay”.


On God-of-Chamby’s latest track “Bigger than Bombay”, he uses an eclectic genre selection to produce a laid back yet joyful vibe. With jazz and R&B influenced keys and trumpets, Chamby is taking a backbeat to the usually highly energized Afro Trap style. African inspired percussions, electronic productions, round out the perfectly unique soundscape.

Chamby flits between English and Nigerian Pidgin as he celebrates women around the globe on the new single. “The idea of ‘Bigger than Bombay’ comes from a street slang from Nigeria that celebrates a woman’s feminine features, ita a positive way of gassing them up in their unique form of Beauty”, he explains, “tha bum bum bigger than Bombay”.


Hailing from Nigeria, Chamby moved to New York in 2014 to pursue his ambition of being a solo artist, following his career as a Radio DJ/VJ and former child actor in Lagos, Nigeria. As the youngest of seven siblings, it’s no wonder that Chamby is unafraid to set his goals high and follow through on his dreams.

Stream "Bigger Than Bombay" below: