Inherently poignant yet uplifting, lleo’s newest sprightly pop track, "Bipolar", will have you musing over life’s hurdles.

Growing up, lleo never felt like they fit into societal expectations and could only really express their feelings through experimenting with sounds. lleo crafts each piece of music with duality; on the surface is an upbeat pop track, but at its core is a journey of polarised emotions.


Exploring the rawness of disconnection and grappling with mental health, lleo’s honesty makes them an artist with real authenticity. With a growing fanbase, more and more people continue to find solace in lleo’s sound, finding themself no stranger to editorial Spotify playlists.


Offering threads of indie-style sonics interwoven throughout, lleo’s latest track “Bipolar” is filled with spirited melodies, hazy guitar chords and a chorus that you can’t help but sing along to.


Discussing the single, lleo said: “I have bipolar. It’s pretty relentless, and at times it has been an incredibly destructive force in my life. I wanted to write a tune about having bipolar but was certain that I didn’t want it to be depressing – there are so many songs about mental health but not many are feel-good or fun (understandably). This song has this weird juxtaposition of talking about something that can make you feel horrible but framing it in the most upbeat and joyful way possible”.


With another addition to their medley of genre-blending sounds, lleo’s signature bold and bright production harbours an uplifting addictive charm and freshness that you don’t forget easily.

Listen to lleo's new track 'Bipolar' below: