Offering us a glimpse into her upcoming debut album, Shannon Tehya pens a satirical letter to men in latest track, ‘Bitter Boys’.

Shannon Tehya is as candid as they come. Her artistry, rooted in the raw and honest recounting of her life experiences, navigates the ebbs and flows with an authenticity that sets her apart. Her latest single, ‘Bitter Boys’, epitomises this hallmark frankness, serving as a powerful letter to all the men who tried to break her spirit, ultimately showcasing her unwavering defiance against anyone who dares to stand in her way.


Using her artistry to deliver a sound of hope and inspiration, Shannon’s aims are as noble as they come, wanting to leave a positive impact through her relatability and honesty. Whilst she leans into her folk roots with her arrangements and styles, it’s the realm of soft-girl pop that truly strikes the loudest chord, as she fills her soundscapes with dreamy goodness and soothing melodies.


With a sparse accompaniment in the backdrop, Shannon’s emotive vocal delivery unfurls poignant lyrics that read like a page torn from her diary. Though the percussion is initially bare, tension swiftly rises as the song progresses, with distorted guitar licks and bouncing piano chords taking centre stage, upping the emotion even further.


Speaking about ‘Bitter Boys’, Shannon explains: “Bitter Boys is a satirical letter to all the men who have ever tried to break my spirit. I started dancing in a strip club when I was 18 years old. In a weird way, that choice saved my life. However, it also exposed me to a lot of really unwell people and toxic masculine energy, which is what this song speaks to.”

Listen to 'Bitter Boys' now: