As he gears up to release his forthcoming album, SILVASTONE, gives us an Afrobeat snippet of what’s in store with latest single, ‘Blessed’.

While some artists prefer to adhere strictly to one particular genre, others like SILVASTONE thrive on blending eclectic styles together. Fusing Afrobeat with R&B’s smoothness, Hip-Hop’s groove and Reggae’s ska origins, SILVASTONE’s sound is always varied, promising to excite listeners with every track he releases. And his latest track, ‘Blessed’, is only an ode to his multi-genre fusion swagger.


Kicking off 2024 with a bang, ‘Blessed’ is an upbeat afro-reggae anthem perfect for any summertime playlist. Giving us all the sunshine that we need to nurse our winter blues, the track oozes feel-good vibes as the relaxed tempo plays out amidst his infectious flow.


As the catchy melody unfolds, it’s SILVASTONE’s heartfelt lyrics that truly steal the show. Drawing from personal experiences whilst reflecting on his journey so far, he encourages a sense of positivity through introspection, reminding us that brighter days lie ahead, even amidst the darkest of days. With his inspiring words, SILVASTONE instils a sense of gratitude for life, urging listeners to embrace every moment with hope and resilience.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, SILVASTONE shares, “‘Blessed’ is a song I wrote that reflects on life’s personal journeys. It encourages reflection on the positives. Even though it might be raining, we know the sun is shining above. The lyrics are about being grateful for your situation and knowing that despite our challenges, we are blessed.”

Listen to 'Blessed' now: