Get to know Blizzyboy LJ, the Connecticut rapper who rose from selling CDs on the street to ranking in the Billboard charts.

When it comes to hip-hop artists, it’s often their personal narratives that lend an authenticity to their music that is unmatched. This is certainly the case for Blizzyboy LJ, born Raj Lamonte John Weaver-Bey. Raised in the urban landscape of Hartford, Connecticut, Blizzyboy LJ transformed his past experiences into riveting music that has captivated audiences worldwide.


From selling CDs on the streets of Hollywood to hitting number 18 on the Billboard charts with his single “Life into the Streets,” Blizzyboy LJ’s journey is a testament to his resilience. This struggle and rise to success is reflected in his music, creating a unique blend of get-money anthems infused with the realities of hardship.


Influenced by notable artists such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Meek Mill, Blizzyboy LJ’s music is a breath of fresh air in the hip hop scene. His collaborations with other artists like O.T. Genasis have further honed his rap skills, solidifying his place in the music industry.


His most recent album, “Overdue”, explores his life’s journey, striking a chord with listeners who appreciate his candor and raw emotion. While his hit single “Dior Weather” has amassed over 250k streams, it’s his dedication and tenacity that have truly left a mark.


Blizzyboy LJ embodies the spirit of perseverance, consistently proving that no obstacle is too big to overcome when you have a passion for music. As he continues to share his unique perspective through his music, we look forward to seeing what new heights this rising star will reach.

Listen to Blizzyboy LJ below: