Toronto R&B girl group, BLK, chat with Notion about writing from personal experience, harmonising their sound, Y2K style, and much more.

The budding R&B bopper BLK is comprised of three members whose initials spell out the group’s moniker: Bexk, a fashion design student; Korahjay, whose alias means “power”; and Lilac X. All three hail from Toronto, forming the state’s first R&B girl group. Together, they seamlessly blend contrasting unapologetic vocals and perspectives into a winning mix, that has earned them nods from BBC 1XTRA, EARMILK, and more.


BLK snared a deal with the MADE IN SAUGA® label and 21 Entertainment for the arrival of their very first track, “Got It”, in June 2020. The single was bestowed with an honorary Fatman Scoop remix. They followed up with two syrupy-sweet and yet tongue-in-cheek tracks “FWM” and “Girls”. Now, the three-piece force to be reckoned with has released a debut EP ‘Girl Magic’.


With BLK’s unashamedly straight-talking lyrics, homing in on female empowerment and sexuality, the trio is essentially killing it. Notion met BLK to talk about their musical journey so far, their creative process, and what’s next for the trio.

For those new to BLK, can you explain your journey and how you got to where you are today?

Bexk – We were invited to a session by Lincoln Blanche (Made in Sauga) and when we met the stars aligned!


Lilac X – We got along right away, everything clicked! During that 1st session, we cut our first track “FWM”.


Khatalia – I always say everything was meant to be… I’m very into spirituality and how the universe works and there’s no doubt that we are where we’re meant to be. Of course with everything, we’ve had our obstacles but nothing we can’t overcome and it’s built us to be even wiser and stronger as a unit. It’s a learning experience every day.

Your new single “Girls” is an empowering anthem about moving on from an ex. Was this inspired by personal experiences of yours? Or was it built on stories from people you know?

Bexk – “Girls” was written from both perspectives. At the beginning of the song I’m having a little intervention for my homegirl, explaining how much he doesn’t deserve her and isn’t even worth a text back or her time!


Lilac X – It was from my own personal experiences. In the past, I had a bad habit of always selling myself short. I’m fully aware of myself and what it means for someone to no longer have me in their life. Damn what a world to live in…. Without Lilac X magic.


Khatalia – It’s definitely a situation we can all relate to. Everyone has that ex even if it was just a fling, that in the end, you had to throw the whole ex away… Trust me I’ve had my fair share of this, even to this day. And the best thing about it is, I get hotter after every disappointment lol.

How much do your own life experiences influence the music you make?

Bexk – I would say about 80% of what I write is about myself and 20% I’m inspired by my best friends or current events.


Lilac X – All of it.


Khatalia – My whole being influences my music, whether it’s who I see myself being in the future or who I am I’m the moment or even who I was in the past. It’s all me.

As a group, how do you approach creation? Do you each take on a different role when making a new song, or do you all weigh in jointly?

Bexk – We approach every song as a unit, splitting the roles equally. We make sure to always write together so we’re on the same page and everyone has a voice.


Lilac X – Sometimes we write separately and then come together with our pieces and see how they can be joined harmoniously. We also write together from the beginning to create songs.


Khatalia – The magical thing about BLK is that you will always get each of our individual styles and it just works. We basically just put our individual styles together and make amazing music!

As the first R&B girl group from Toronto, do you feel pressure to represent the genre for your city?

Bexk – Of course we feel the pressure but pressure makes diamonds! We’re so excited and proud to be representing Toronto’s first girl group!


Lilac X – We’re just out here doing our thing and representing in whatever we do gladly. If and when we make an opening through “the wall” everyone is coming with us. *ushers the talented artist homies in*


Khatalia – No, we don’t feel the pressure, all we know is what we want for BLK and where we want us to be and we know we’re going to get there.

How does music influence your personal style?

Bexk – Music has given me the confidence to post the boundaries when it comes to my personal style and lifestyle. I don’t believe in fast fashion at all – my closet is filled with local Toronto brands and vintage.

I’m a very colourful and creative person and my house or wardrobe reflects that! One day I’m a tomboy, the following week I’m full Y2K mode in 6-inch heels and a miniskirt – then I’m in back in my Nike sweats, Jordan’s, and a vintage tee.


Lilac X – I happen to listen to a very broad horizon of music genres and styles – it is completely reflected in my style and being. I take pieces from anywhere I like and mix and match them together for a Lilac X look. Hand-me-downs and Value Village aka ‘VV fashions’, as my mom and I call it, is a big chunk of my closet with the occasional mall or store-bought pieces. I’ve been that baddie on a budget since forever. Constantly changing, quirky, comfortable, and “fly on accident” if that makes any sense because I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to fashion but I like what I like.


Khatalia – Music has made me confused about my style to be completely honest… Lol, I feel like I’m into so many different types of genres and styles of music and I’m able to feel connected to them all, that when it comes to my style, I’ve continuously been changing my look. But also I’ve grown to love that part of myself and I’ve accepted the fact that I simply get bored easily, I don’t like to be put into a box, in whoever I feel like being in that moment. The same way I listen or create whatever it is I feel to create at that moment.

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Bexk – My biggest achievements (I have a couple) are meeting these two beautiful talented ladies and constantly creating milestones together. Then signing with our amazing partners at Believe and Pivtl Projects really feels like a huge achievement!


Lilac X – Although I have many, as it pertains to this group it would be joining up with a couple of queens and landing a deal with only 1 record out at the time. Shoutout to the team!


Khatalia – Biggest achievement so far would have to be of course these girls, our journey together, and the many more blessings to come with these girls. Truly grateful.

What are you manifesting for 2022?

Bexk – Health, success, and wealth baby.


Lilac X –

“I am healthy, I am wealthy

I am rich, I am that b**** (queen)

I am gonna go get that bag

And I am not gonna take your sh**

I am protected, well respected

I’m a queen, I’m a dream

I do what I wanna do

And I’m who I wanna be

‘Cause I am me”

This for ever.


Khatalia – I’m not tryna have nobody jinx it!

What are you working on next?

Bexk – I think the real question is what aren’t we working on next. More episodes of Living: BLK, music videos, and more bops!


Lilac X – A whole lotta magic. Working on giving you more BLK everything! From hilarious content to music to merch.


Khatalia – We are working on becoming the biggest girl group of the century, so stay tuned!

Stream 'Girl Magic' below:


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