Rising French alt-pop artist TENNIN stuns on her new EP, Blossom, featuring the sultry lead single, 'French Kiss'.

Earlier this year, French pop and R&B-soul artist TENNIN released the banger, ‘Too Late 2 Cry’. The single was met with critical acclaim. Then, the rising star returned with a new song, called ‘French Kiss’. ‘French Kiss’ is more up-tempo than ‘Too Late 2 Cry’ and has a drastically different sound, which demonstrates the versatility that TENNIN possesses. ‘French Kiss’ features on her recently released six-track EP, Blossom.

  ‘French Kiss’ is an alt-pop record that has unique, booming sounds. The track is an empowerment anthem for all of the ladies, as she explains, “‘French Kiss’ is an unapologetic ego trip about the power and allure of the French seductive female identity”. TENNIN continues, “’French Kiss’ is an anthem for all women who want to embrace their unique identities and energy”.

  The song is laced with sultry, provocative lyrics to make listeners feel confident and powerful. Additionally, TENNIN is responsible for the dynamic, infectious production of ‘French Kiss’. She enlisted renowned Moroccan producer Abdous to add his touch to the beat as well. Her EP, Blossom, was co-produced by global sensation Dope Saint Jude. TENNIN toured with Dope Saint Jude as a backup vocalist last year, so collaborating with them was a full-circle moment.

  ‘French Kiss’  is one of those songs that gets stuck in every listener’s head; it’s fun and catchy. One can’t help but sing and dance along to the song. So, pucker up and let TENNIN give you a ‘French Kiss’.

Listen to Blossom below: