London duo Swimmers offer up their latest summer alt pop track “Blow”.

The two-piece, consisting of Irish singer Rosalee O’Connell and Portuguese producer Luis Correia, decided to unite last year amidst nationwide lockdowns in both of their respective countries. After a lot of back and forth, and experimenting with their musical identity, the pair began to find themselves as Swimmers, both sharing a love for catchy melodies and addictive sounds.


Rosalee has recently featured on a single alongside legendary trance DJ Chicane, as well as touring with Erasure, The Human League and Jools Holland, meanwhile Luis partook in a collaborative tour with Earl Slick (David Bowie) and Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones). Their debut single, “A Minute Of Sunshine”, consisted of lyrics detailing escapism through art and love, fusing together Rosalee’s velvety vocals with Luis’ addictive, textured electronics.


The duos newest track, “Blow”, beams with an effervescent energy whilst static synths, delayed organ and dashes of cowbell surround a bold and sultry chorus. “Blow is an uplifting song” Swimmers explain. “It can be taken in many different ways but for us it’s about sex and freedom, the intensity of lust and just surrendering to your desires.”

Listen to "Blow" below: