With a new single ‘Blue Fire’ offering a taster of her forthcoming EP, Winifred sounds full of alt-pop promise.

“Low-key bedroom bop energy” is how new alt-pop voice Winifred characterises her latest track titled ‘Blue Fire’. It’s an apt description for the single’s ambience; moody melodies, dreamy vocals and introspective lyrics are woven together in a sonic experience which immerses and transports listeners. This enticing offering is only a sound bite of what’s to come from the emerging artist – Winifred’s sophomore EP Carpet of Flowers is out on April 26th, right in time for fresh spring listening.


Based between London and her hometown Townsville, Australia, Winifred made her official entry into the music industry in 2019 with the debut single ‘Chain’. Ever since she’s been steadily setting aglow the alt-pop scene with a strew of singles – the third of which ‘Drowning in Purple’ featured in series 7 of Love Island – and a debut 5-track EP in 2022, each more ambitious and poignant than the previous.


At the heart of ‘Blue Fire’ lies self-awareness as Winifred explores her creativity and opens up to develop deeper connections with new audiences. Exploring themes of desire and longing, the track is a sensory piece in and of itself but combined with the hypnotic visuals of the accompanying music video, senses are heightened. Directed by Luis Campbell, the video was shot in a whirlwind one night and captures Winifred in a seemingly parallel universe, perhaps of her mind, being truly herself.


As anticipation builds among fans and industry heavyweights for Carpet of Flowers, Winifred stands poised at a new chapter in her career. By the sounds and sights of ‘Blue Fire’, the EP promises to solidify the artist as among the generation shaping alt-pop’s next era.

Discover Winifred's new single 'Blue Fire' now: