Mexican pop whizz Alexis Rodriguez combines electronica with psychedelia in latest track ‘Blue Room’.

Alexis Rodriguez has been playing music for as long as he can remember. Picking up his first guitar at just nine years old, his passion for singing and writing quickly followed suit, with music being a constant force during his teenage years. Weaving this wealth of experience into his solo artistry, Alexis is all set to make his mark, and his latest single, ‘Blue Room’ only sees him inching further to achieving this mission.


Delving into an ambiguous soul-baring narrative, ‘Blue Room’ sees Alexis wear his heart on his sleeve, inviting listeners to forge a personal connection with the song. While Alexis unravels poignant lyrics, analogue synths pulsate interwoven with a driving 4-on-the-floor kick and a rhythmic undertone of a Moog synth bass.


Putting his twist on psychedelic pop, the arpeggiated synths add a raw, gritty texture to the track, as Alexis’ deep and potent vocals sweep the track with soft gentleness. Whilst we can guess that the song is centred on the depths of relationships, its ambiguity leaves room for interpretation. Is the song centred on a past lover? Family? Or just a personal reflection?


Regardless of its specific narrative, the song’s emotional depth is undeniable, as Alexis only adds a further string to his ever-growing artistic bow.

Listen to 'Blue Room' now: