Zach Schuh bounces back with 'Blurry Pictures' - a single filled with optimism and promise for the musician’s career.

Last month, emerging songwriter Zach Schuh released buzzy new single ‘Blurry Pictures’. It marks a seminal moment for the California-based artist – both personally and musically speaking. The track’s uplifting melodies and shoulder-bop-inducing beats reflect Zach’s newfound optimism since suffering disheartening, physical setbacks.


Multiple spinal and hip injuries and subsequent intrusive surgeries rendered the past few months tough, disabling the artist from engaging in the activities we normally take for granted. Making music was, though more onerous, Zach’s saving grace throughout his slow and painful journey to recovery. The creative process kept him grounded, purposeful and positive. 


You wouldn’t know all this from ‘Blurry Pictures’ (unless you really read between the lyrics’ lines which discuss savouring small moments of pleasure). The track is underscored by a subtly funky beat, layered upon with uplifting, flowing synths and Zach’s smooth and soulful vocals, meanwhile key-change quirks and well-timed pace changes add an unexpected allure. Coinciding with, and serving as, the light at the end of Zach’s tunnel, it’s a melodic showcase of his triumphant bounce back. 


What is especially impressive, is that this complex, multi-layered track was sung, produced and mastered entirely by Zach in his bedroom. If this is what the burgeoning musician produced bedbound, his musical future looks to be a bright, and not so blurry, picture. 

Listen to Blurry Pictures here: