Music industry chameleon, BOB BLEEDY, shares new single “Resource” alongside an exclusive preview of the music video.

Berlin producer, mixing engineer and artist, BOB BLEEDY is an artist of many talents, the solo project of 26-year-old Robert Kriz. “Resource,” sees the artist exhibit his compelling story-telling skills through raw lyrics and a ‘fight-club’ style music video. 


Co-founder of the Prague-Berlin label ODDITY Records and a finalist of the CZECHING 2020, BOB BLEEDY is a name you might’ve happened upon before. With production from A Jan Valis and Ondrej Nuslauer, Robert explores the idea of world destruction across “Resource,” using piercing lyrics and graphic visuals.  


As you watch a hostile discourse between two men, “Resource,” introduces Robert’s theme of questioning your identity and self-worth. A tug-of-war about the rollercoaster ride our emotions can often put us through, ultimately the track introduces the message that self-acceptance is the best healer.

Get an exclusive view of the music video below: