Piano pop artist Alex Spinney has dropped his enigmatic new tune, "Boodiyayay".

Alex Spinney describes his music as “piano-based pop”, reflecting a lifelong love for piano that began with begging his parents for lessons when he was just four. His music also leans into the piano’s versatility, using it as a base to hop between genres such as folk, classical and blues. He has proudly embraced his status as a queer artist, finding comfort in the vibrant LGBTQ+ community, finding a welcoming space from traditional notions of masculinity.


He dropped his first single, “I Remember” last year, announcing his unique perspective that blends pop choruses with strikingly personal insights. Now, he’s ready to kick off 2022 in style by releasing a brand new single with the very unique title, “Boodiyayay”.


It’s a swaying new tune that blends Spinney’s soothing voice with lush backing vocals, building to a toe-tapping chorus with its folky, nature-inflected vibes. The new tune fittingly sums up Spinney’s work to create something that’s at once accessible and enigmatic, easy to listen to but also highly conducive to repeat listens.


On the track, Spinney says: “To me, this song is a cathartic, revenge-filled anthem, detailing the brutal end of a pretty rocky relationship, which ended in a particularly cruel way. People will inevitably ask what ‘Boodiyayay’ means, and the real answer is that it’s open to interpretation! I think it has a slight element of witchcraft about it, which for me places it in this very earthy world of catharsis and revenge, almost as if one is cleansing oneself of a past relationship. Hopefully the song takes people on this journey to find closure as it builds to its huge, powerful climax.”

Listen below: