Actor-turned-artist Nico Tortorella unveils his debut EP, a musical odyssey of passion and parenthood.

Nico Tortorella, celebrated actor and now burgeoning singer-songwriter, is poised to enrapture audiences with his inaugural EP, Born. Known for commanding performances in hit series like Younger and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Nico’s now stepping into the musical universe. In fact, his musical journey found its genesis during his role in Apple TV+’s City on Fire, where he portrayed the frontman of the show’s fictional band: immersed in the process of recording and performing original songs for the series, Nico discovered a latent passion for music, inspiring and leading us to Born.  


The EP’s lead single ‘Grapefruit’ sets the tone with Nico Tortorella’s soulful vocals and infectious energy. Directed by his brother, Rocco Tortorella, the accompanying music video adds visual depth to the vibrant track. Reflecting on his musical evolution, the actor-turned-artist explained that “working on City on Fire awakened a dormant passion within me”, and shared that this was further fueled by personal milestones, including the pregnancy of his wife, Bethany C. Meyers, and the birth of their daughter, Kilmer Dove. The album, initially conceived as a soundtrack for their home birth, evolved into a profound exploration of parenthood and self-discovery. 


In addition to his musical endeavours, Nico Tortorella will soon be releasing his first children’s book, Olivette Is You, which aims to encourage young readers to embrace their true selves, a message which resonates across his diverse artistic portfolio. With the Born EP, Nico invites audiences to join him on a transformative journey of self-expression and introspection. Through heartfelt lyrics and infectious melodies, Nico Tortorella reaffirms his status as a multifaceted artist, ready to leave an indelible mark on the music industry. 

Listen to the Born EP now: