Audio brand BOSE steps into the future by announcing global availability, their new lens collection for revolutionary BOSE frames

Driven by its founding principles and heavy investment in long-term research it’s to no surprise that BOSE are paving the way as one of the world’s top leading audio brands. All about good quality sound rushing through your airwaves, BOSE, are not only aiming to lead the pack through a winning position in audio, but are aiming to take their global sound beyond by completely changing the way people listen to music.

Generating a buzz for their products since 1964, BOSE have released an extremely futuristic, revolutionary new product which has arrived ready to change the game. Bose Frames. The new ultra-modern, ingenious frames which elegantly combine the protection and appearance of premium sunglasses with the functionality and performance of wireless headphones. Welcome to the future, and if that has not swooped you off your feet just yet, the collection is globally available featuring the worlds first ever audio augmented reality platform and a set of gradient mirrored lenses that can be switched to customise your own personal unique style, changing colours and reducing glare!

“The Frames are both magical and practical” comments Director of Bose Frames, Mehul Trivedi. “They function like headphones, instantly connecting to your phone, contacts, the web and all its audible content.” Sounding like the perfect piece of high-tech gear, these one-of-a-kind frames have a minuscule, wafer-thin acoustic package set seamlessly into each arm’s interior, removing all the hustle and bustle of an earbud or attached component to produce a slick, discreet and jaw-dropping sound for every user and most importantly, no-one else! Running for up to 3.5 hours, up to 12 hours on standby and a charging time of less than 2 hours these frames provide endless possibilities for travel and connecting, wherever you are.

Want to get your hand on a pair? These futuristic, other-worldly lenses which are sure to have jaws dropping with amazement are retailing at just £199.95 with Bose Frames Lens Collection non-polarised and polarised lenses retailing for £19.95 and £29.95, respectively. Fresh and ready to snap up from the 31st of May in the UK, you can find these snazzy shades through selected retailers and BOSE stores (, so what are you waiting for, ditch the wired headphones and the speakerless shades and step up your frame game this month with BOSE Frames!