Rising Manchester R&B artist Nellie Charles channels self-confidence and empowerment on new track, 'BOSS'.

Rising Manchester R&B artist Nellie Charles returns with ‘BOSS’ – an empowering anthem examining the power dynamics within relationships, standing her ground and claiming her self-respect in the process.


As the lead single for her upcoming debut EP, which is set to land this summer, the track sets the tone for the most self-assured version of Nellie we’ve seen yet – from its story and lyrics to her steely delivery and bossy, BlueBoredom-directed video.


Having grown up with the sounds of powerhouses like Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald, and more recently been inspired by storytellers like Summer Walker Jorja Smith, Nellie’s aim as an artist is to tell relatable tales that ultimately uplift and empower her audience. Though her lyrics are often diaristic, the themes she’s drawn to are universal, and she’s imprinting the valuable lessons she’s learned from love and life with her own modern R&B twist.


 “As an artist, ‘Boss’ is more than just a song to me – it’s a statement. It embodies my journey of self-discovery and self-respect”, she says of the track. “This song came from a place of realizing that in any relationship, my voice matters. It’s a celebration of knowing your value and not being afraid to demand the respect you deserve. ‘Boss’ was born out of a moment where I felt the need to express my strength, not just as a woman, but as a person who understands her worth. It’s a reminder to myself and to others that in love and life, we are our own bosses. The process of creating ‘Boss’ was deeply personal and liberating. It’s a blend of my experiences, dreams, and the musical influences that have shaped me as an artist.”

Listen to 'BOSS' now: