Virginian rising talent JS aka The Best is back with another menacing cut “Burn it All”, after his newly released album ‘Bossa Nova’.

‘Bossa Nova’ quite literally translates into English as ‘new trend’, which accurately depicts JS aka The Best’s approach on his album of the same name. For one, the hi-fi origins of the sound feature a true attention to detail. Given his background in musical production, working in multiple commercial capacities, it makes sense that the sound craft would be stellar. A bit surprising is the sheer number of textures he throws into the mix. Much of this is attributed to his percussionist origins. Thus, the beats have a particular, tactile quality, retaining that sense of physicality. Stylistically he brings a lot into the fray, going from pop to hip-hop to elements of deep house. 


A massive party starter “Bossa Nova” has an elegance to it with highly original beats leading the way, as gigantic chords echo off into the vast space. Jazz kicks take over on the kinetic energy of “Slap” complete with wonderful staccato horn samples woven in for good measure. Lyrics have a seductive quality to them on the infectious joy of “Gotta Go”. Completely bonkers “Kill A Lil Time” incorporates pitch-shifting vocals to add to the delirium. With impeccable bass tones rolling through “Solo Dolo” has a grace about it. Melodic flourishes bring the entire trip to a close on the dreamy sweeps of “View From The Top”. 


JS aka The Best delivery proves stunning for the chords, choruses, and infectious grooves of ‘Bossa Nova’ help to add to the charm of the album. 

Stream “Burn it All” below: