International artist and producer, Noé Solange, is back with her personal and reflective debut EP 'Bound'.

Born in The Netherlands, Noé was brought up around the world before settling in London. Learning to play the guitar, piano and violin at an early age, she was inspired to write and produce her own music; pulling from her multiple cultural threads to create a melding of sounds.


Following the release of her single “Nocturnal Lady” back in March, this new 5-track project portrays a journey of love, loss and struggle. Producing the EP herself alongside Jose Manuel Cubides Gutierrez, the project is speckled with soft synth patterns, melancholic keys and delicate percussions. The almost hypnotic tracks are intimate and reflective, casting shadows across glittering musical soundscapes as she voices both individual and societal struggles.


The lead single “Bound” glimmers with mournful synths, textured rhythms and Noé’s serene vocals, plunging the listener into her ethereal world. “It explores the topic of toxic infatuation, contemplation and freedom”, Noé explains.


Through the wintery soundscapes, the tracks carry an eerie yet calming energy. Noé has created an introspective body of work, offering a fleeting moment of escapism.

Listen to the EP 'Bound' below: